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Welcome To BoA

So this week marks the start of the newest season of TheWGL's 4v4 core league and our second season in the Premiership, but unlike last season there is more up for grabs.

This season they have giving away tickets to the winners of the 4v4 Core Premiership to I45, the event where TheWGL will be hosting their first ever LAN. But with this new found prize for the league, comes more opponents and tougher competition, and we are looking forward to testing our skills against the best teams within the league to hopefully win 4 free tickets to the biggest UK based gaming event.

And to start off our campaign to glory we start the season of against a very formidable team known as The Last Shot, will we start of in style, or will be stop at the first hurdle? Only time will tell.
well im not going to right a big merry xmas post as all i care about is the wicked dinner lol
Right then guys our season in The WGL starts tonight with many of our new guys playing instead of some of us more seasoned players... So guys make sure you talk loads, call-outs are a must. They are facing Dogs Of War (DoW). They are well known and have been around for years so as far as comms go they will have it down to a tee. So lets start as we mean to go on as we have earned a good rep now you guys have to protect our rep. We want a win boys.........

XBCL MML Season 1 Champions
WGL MM Season 7 Div 1 Champs
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